Thermography Is Not a Replacement for Mammography

Many have battled with this subject and it seems, by all accounts, to be normal to hear similar inquiries again and again: “Is thermography better than mammography?“, “Does it supplant mammography?”, “On the off chance that I have a thermogram do I need a mammogram?” First, how about we take a gander at the distinction between the two imaging systems. Thermography estimates heat with the utilization of infrared imaging. Truly, it is protected, there is no radiation and there is no contact or pressure. Mammography is a x-beam and gives us primary imaging or inner life systems while thermography estimates heat discharges and gives data with respect to natural action of the bosom tissue. Infrared imaging (thermography) is a useful test, while mammography is an underlying test. As a utilitarian test, thermography is extraordinary at identifying irregularities that other screening techniques can’t see; these would incorporate vascular action and changes.

While expanded vascular movement distinguished by thermography might be a sign of bosom malignant growth.

it could likewise be brought about by fibrocystic discoveries, contamination (mastitis or bosom boil), injury or injury and even hormonal impact. Further, since useful changes go before primary changes thermography can furnish us with significant data in the early sign of bosom illness and even disease. Having the early admonition signs empowers specialists to screen ladies all the more intently and set up preventive measures to help decrease certain danger factors. Presently, the impediments of thermography. Thermography can’t and doesn’t analyze bosom malignant growth. In any case, other primary assessments additionally have their impediments and it is exclusively by playing out a biopsy that a last determination can be delivered. Thermography doesn’t give data on the specific anatomic position or characterize a particular zone that should be biopsied. It must be joined with other primary assessments, for example mammography, ultrasound or MRI. As a practical test thermography fills in as a danger marker that supplements as opposed to replaces mammography.


More youthful ladies as a gathering represent 18% of analyzed bosom diseases. Bosom malignancy in more youthful ladies is normally more forceful and bound to metastasize. Thermography is a powerful and safe bosom evaluation for young ladies.


Ladies with fibrocystic bosoms with high thickness bosom tissue are more diligently to screen for bosom malignant growth. Early tumors can veil as fibrocystic discoveries and are more hard to relate to customary screening methods like mammography. Roughly 40% of ladies with fibrocystic discoveries and a determined high danger thermography rating create bosom malignancy inside 5 years. Anyway a similar gathering with okay thermography rating has under 3% probability of creating bosom malignant growth.


The consequence of Women’s Health Initiative in 2002 obviously demonstrated the related higher rate of bosom malignancy with manufactured HRT. In any case, in my experience even ladies that are on a bio-indistinguishable (BHRT) chemical substitution have now and again demonstrated creating higher danger for bosom malignancy when observed with thermography. Thermography can help screen the impacts of chemical treatment to see the adequacy or early admonition indications of something that gets tricky over the long run. Taking everything into account, thermography isn’t a contender or a swap for mammography. A generally safe thermography rating doesn’t imply that disease is absent; it just proposes that there is a genuinely low likelihood. However, there are consistently special cases. Same is genuine when a high danger rating is set up, this doesn’t demonstrate the presence of malignant growth – it just proposes a more elevated level of danger and will require extra assessment and closer checking. The main point is that when joined with other underlying or anatomical tests thermography may add to the best assessment of bosom wellbeing.

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